HCI Channel Letters represents all kinds of channel letter signs!  Whether you need stock letters, front lit letters, backlit letters, front/back lit letters, or anything in between, we’re you’re one stop channel letter solution.

front-backlit-channel-lettersWhy Front/Back Lit Letters?

Front/back lit letters just might be the Ferrari of the sign industry.  If you’re trying to make a statement with your storefront, you can’t do much better than choosing a front/back lit sign.  As the name implies, these signs feature text which emit a halo-like glow from the back, and standard illumination from the front.

It’s easy to mistake this type of signage for neon, because of all contemporary channel letters, these create the closest approximation to the classic lighting of the past.  But make no mistake, these signs are full LED, which is good for the business owner.  LED lighting is cheaper to install, cheaper to maintain, cheaper to repair, and better for the environment.  There’s a good reason why LED is quickly replacing neon in the marketplace (if you still want neon, we have that, too) and front/back lit letters provide a compelling argument that neon won’t be returning any time soon.

Front/back lit signs simply cannot be beat for dramatic effect, and they offer a sleek and stylish brand identity that customers will instantly recognize as a signal of contemporary high end sophistication.

front backlit channel lettersSave Money on Highest Quality Front/Back Lit Signs

HCI is proud to be the choice of massive brands like Coca Cola, Office Depot, and Verizon Wireless.  We’re even prouder to be the choice of hundreds of small businesses across the country!

So why are we the top channel letter manufacturer in the nation?  The answer is that we provide exacting high quality signs at a price that other companies just can’t beat.  Our manufacturing technology creates industry leading efficiency which translates to savings of up to 50% off when compared to other channel letter producers.

Don’t waste money on overpriced signs.  Get the BEST sign for a price that you can afford.  Contact us today for more information.