HCI Channel Letters can create reverse lit signs and front/backlit signs with a fast turnaround at industry low prices.  Our channel letters with special lighting are used by businesses big and small around the world—including several Fortune 500 companies!  Save on installation costs by choosing your own installer!  Compare and save on wholesale channel letters and stock channel letters—you won’t find a better price for signs of this quality anywhere else.

reverse lit channel lettersWhy Choose Reverse Lit Channel Letters?

Reverse lit channel letters are an excellent way to make an eye catching sign that leaves a strong visual impression.  As the name implies, reverse lit channel letters emit light from the rear of the sign, creating a halo of illumination around your name or logo.  Any design, font, or size can be utilized for this type of sign, and letters can be front and backlit or lit from the back alone.

Reverse Lit Signs for Malls

Reverse lit signs are popular in malls and other interior shopping places because the illuminated halo that this type of sign creates will be visible at all times of day.  The dramatic effect achieved with backlighting will appeal to shoppers, make your store stand out from the crowd, and even become part of your unique brand identity.  Lighting of this type isn’t purely functional, it’s another aesthetic tool that you can utilize to make the visual statement that your business is high end, professional, and trend setting.  The next time you go to your local mall, count the number of signs that are reverse lit.  Don’t be left behind- backlit signs for malls are becoming the new standard of excellence!

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Don’t waste your money on overpriced signs!  With over thirty five years in the business and millions of dollars invested in cutting edge manufacturing technology, HCI specializes in providing exacting quality at wholesale prices.  Whether your business is part of a major chain or a mom and pop startup, you too can achieve top of the line quality without breaking the bank.

Find out why we’re the choice of Coca Cola, Verizon Wireless, Office Depot, and hundreds of small businesses around the world.  Save money and create the sign of your dreams.

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